SDMS attorney: Sex-ed at primary schools can interfere with tenets of Hinduism


    There are concerns from the SDMS that any airing of sexuality and sexual health in primary schools can interfere with the tenets of Hinduism.

    Attorney-at-Law Dinesh Rambally, on behalf of the SDMS, has written to the Education Minister following the presentation of a questionnaire during the national consultation on the school syllabus.

    According to the letter, question five deals with areas including the Teaching of Religious Principles in denomination schools and question nine looks at Health and Family Life Education which aims to provide students with knowledge on sexuality and sexual health.

    Mr Rambally believes sexuality and religious principles are not separate matters, and says the SDMS’ approach to sex education is guided by the tenets of Hindu tradition.

    The SDMS believes the first introduction to sex-ed should be done at home while health workers can visit primary schools to discuss the “basic biology of puberty.”

    The rest, it says, is best suited to the secondary school level.