Sangre Grande Hospital delivers Christmas babies

    MS. REANA JAMES cuddles little Jullianna, her Christmas bundle of Joy. Julianna is the first recorded birth in Trinidad and Tobago for Christmas Day 2020.

    The first Christmas baby for 2020 was delivered at the Sangre Grande Hospital at 12:15am on December 25th.

    The Ministry of Health noted that Ms. Reana James was the mother to give birth to the healthy baby girl named Julianna, who weighed 3.20 kg.

    The baby was delivered by Dr. Corridon and Dr. Sobers.

    The Ministry says the second Christmas birth was recorded at the South West Regional Health Authority at 12:58am.

    Ms. Arti Deokoram gave birth to a baby girl weighing 3.16 kg.

    The ERHA in Sangre Grande also recorded the third birth at 1:02 a.m. when Ms. Meenadaye Sookdeo delivered her baby boy, weighing 2.53 kg.

    Staff at the SWRHA celebrated with Arti Deokaran who gave birth to her daughter at 12:58 am on Christmas morning.
    Mrs. MEENADAYE SOOKDEO beams as she cuddles her son who was born at 1:02 am on Christmas Day 2020.