Rowley: AG to raise issue of Padarath’s nomination with EBC

    The UNC's Barry Padarath.

    The PNM remains adamant that the UNC’s Barry Padarath was improperly nominated for the Princes Town seat in the 2020 General Election.

    And while the party will not pursue civil action, Leader Dr Keith Rowley says the Attorney General will raise the matter with the EBC.

    The PNM believes Mr Padarath’s candidacy is invalid since the wrong form was submitted on nomination day.

    Mr Padarath retained the seat on August 10th, and according to Dr Rowley, this now leads to other concerns which must be addressed.

    Dr Rowley has since laid out the course of action.

    Dr Rowley says he too will provide his opinion to the EBC and the President.

    The PNM however is not pursuing civil action, because Dr Rowley says this is “not free, it is not cheap and it is not without risk”.