Road leading to Skinner Park named after ‘Sprangalang’

    (Photo credit: Councillor Naigum Joseph on Facebook)

    The road leading to Skinner Park in San Fernando has been named after Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall.

    The sign bearing his name was unveiled today according to Facebook post by Councillor for Springvale/Paradise, Naigum Joseph.

    Hall, an iconic entertainment stalwart, passed away on October 2nd after ailing for some time.

    He is well known for his portrayal of Draxie, a character on the ‘Cultural Sprangalang’ segment of ‘Gayelle’.

    Hall also played TV roles and among them was Pastor Lloyd Cuthbert Stevens on ‘Lord Have Mercy’, a 2013 Canadian sitcom which was created by Frances-Anne Solomon and also featured comedian Russell Peters.