Riverine Flood Alert for T&T


    A Riverine Flood Alert is in place for T&T.

    According to the TTMS, this is in relation to the North Oropouche, Caroni and South Oropouche rivers in Trinidad, and the Crooks and Darrell Spring rivers in Tobago.

    It says after today’s rainfall event, river levels of the major watercourses across Trinidad continue to rise and are currently near 80% capacity.

    Weather conditions have since settled, however occasional periods of heavy showers are likely.

    This additional rainfall, in combination with spring tides, can keep the river levels elevated, so there remains a moderate risk to public safety, livelihood and property.

    Smaller water courses over both Trinidad and Tobago are also elevated and can burst their banks with additional rainfall.

    The Alert will be in effect until 5pm on Friday.