Rio Claro man tased by police, arrested for breaching protection order


    A 44-year-old Rio Claro man has been arrested and charged for breaching a protection order.

    Around 5:45pm yesterday, officers on mobile patrol responded to an E999 call of a domestic violence incident at Esperanza Village, San Fernando.

    On the way, they communicated with a woman who alleged that a male relative had come to her home despite a restraining order and was behaving violently.

    The officers arrived around 5:55 pm and met the suspect, who appeared highly intoxicated and had slammed a stone and debris into the gateway of the home.

    The man was tased after he allegedly rushed at one of the officers with a piece of wood.

    He was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital, where he was physically restrained and sedated.

    He was then taken to the San Fernando Police Station and was charged with the breach of a protection order.