Report – case filed to temporarily stop refinery sale


    Former UNC senator Wayne Sturge has allegedly filed a case to temporarily stop the pending sale of the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery.

    According to a report by Newsday, Mr Sturge has filed an application asking the court to order the chairman of the Joint Select Committee on Energy Affairs, to convene a meeting.

    The application also allegedly asks the court to hold the Government, the Executive and the Cabinet accountable to the Parliament for decisions made with respect to the refinery’s sale.

    Attempts by 103FM News to contact Mr Sturge for additional information have so far been unsuccessful.

    Last month, Government announced the sale of the refinery to Patriotic Energies and Technologies Co Ltd, which is owned by the OWTU.

    Several, including the Opposition UNC, have raised questions regarding the bid.

    Meanwhile the OWTU will hold a media conference tomorrow, as it continues to respond to criticism from the Opposition over its impending purchase.

    In a release, the union says it intends to respond to what it says are “a new set of baseless allegations against it” by the Opposition Leader, and her party’s failure to apologize for previous statements.