Repairs underway to fix defective pump at Picton #2 Booster Station


    WASA says emergency repair works are being conducted on a defective pump serving the Picton #2 Booster Station at Picton Road in Laventille.

    The issue has led to a supply disruption in Belmont, Laventille and environs.

    The repairs are expected to be completed today, however no exact time has been given.

    Affected areas include:

    • Upper Belmont and environs, Mendez Drive, Layan Hill
    • Areas served by the Gonzales Booster Station
    • Beverly Hills and environs (Areas served by the Laventille Reservoir)
    • St. Paul Street and environs
    • Hermitage Road and environs
    • Lower Laventille Road and environs (Areas served by Picton 1 Reservoir)
    • Bowen Trace
    • Upper St. Barbs Road
    • Upper Chinatown
    • Upper Francios Valley Road
    • Upper Laventille
    • Soogrim Trace
    • Fatima Trace