Ravi B looks to build bridges through “historic” collab with Trinibad star Jahllano

    Ravi B and dancehall star Jahllano (Photo credit: Ravi B on Instagram)

    Ravi B has partnered with T&T dancehall star Jahllano for a “historic” collaboration which culminates with the release of a song next Friday at 103.1FM’s Red Carpet event.

    Earlier today the duo posted photos on their social media accounts, teasing the collab which is aimed at bridging local music genres.

    Speaking to 103.1FM, Ravi says the song will be accompanied by a music video which they’ve already started shooting.

    He says he first heard of the “Trinibad” music that Jahllano produces while he was under COVID-19 lockdown abroad last year.

    Ravi says the song seeks to spread positivity and also confirmed the release of the song and video.

    Ravi notes that the song also brings together “four big producers.