Ramachan slams Gov’t for passing tax bill by removing special majority requirement


    Tabaquite MP Dr Suruj Rambachan believes the passing of the Income Tax Amendment Bill in Parliament by removing clauses which require a three fifths majority is a dangerous approach to good governance.

    Government on Friday night passed the bill without the Opposition’s support by removing the special majority requirement.

    The bill was passed by a vote of 19 for and 14 against.

    But Dr Rambachan believes this move characterizes the PNM administration which will ‘even dance around the constitution’ to get its way.

    He is questioning whether this move by Government will continue to be the way in which laws are passed, which requires special majorities, by changing the process to facilitate simple majorities.

    The Tabaquite MP says he considers this a dangerous and unwelcome approach to governance, one which also suggests the undermining of the constitution.

    MP Lee – PNM passes “weakened law”

    Meanwhile UNC Deputy Political Leader David Lee has joined Dr Rambachan in slamming Gov’t for passing a ‘weakened law’.

    He says rather than sitting with the Opposition to create good law at the JSC level, Gov’t prefers to ‘mash up’ their own legislation just to say they have passed law.

    Mr Lee believes this weakened law lacks the teeth to accomplish the Global Forum requirements.

    He adds that Gov’t is being politically selfish since instead of reaching a middle ground with the Opposition, all they are intent on doing is playing the political blame game.

    The Pointe-a-Pierre MP claims that the Opposition was till the very end pleading with Gov’t to adopt a better approach to enact proper legislation but to no avail.