Public Utilities Minister announces changes to WASA’s leadership

    Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales.

    WASA Chairman Dr. Lennox Sealy has been appointed Executive Director and CEO of the company.

    This announcement came today from Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales, who says the decision stems from the recommendations of a report generated in December 2020 by a Cabinet sub-committee.

    According to the Minister, the appointment was made in the hopes of addressing the “management problem” at WASA.

    The report will be laid in the Parliament next Friday, and will be accessible to the public.

    Another recommendation is the formation of a Cabinet sub-committee to oversee the transformation of WASA.

    This sub-committee will be chaired by Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Penelope Beckles.

    Also, even as he acknowledged previous assessments that showed overstaffing at WASA, he says no decision has been made at this time to cut any staff.

    Minister Gonzales also revealed that his next mandate is to put a programme of critical works before the cabinet for approval.