Private sector boosting paper recycling in T&T


    The private sector is getting into the business of paper recycling, where waste paper is being remade into new products such as benches, roof tiles and notebooks, etc.

    Ace Recycling Limited has partnered with Tetra Pak and local sustainability consultant, Green Alternatives in Action for this initiative.

    It aims to place 30 bins in schools, communities and shopping centers, for persons to place their paper waste and old tetra packs.

    Items that can be recycled include used office paper, newspaper, envelopes, cereal boxes, books and magazines among other paper products.

    At the moment, bins are currently available for public use in several areas across Trinidad.

    Persons can also request a paper bin be put into their communities by contacting Ace Recycling via Facebook, by phone, 290-2970 or email at or Green Alternatives in Action via Facebook, or phone at 235-6178.