Prison officer held with contraband at Maximum Security Prison


    A prison officer has been arrested after trying to smuggle contraband into the Maximum Security Prison.

    The officer was stopped in the scanner room as he reported for duty yesterday, after his colleagues noticed that his stomach and chest were bulging.

    When they tried to conduct a physical search, the officer ran out of the room and into the lobby where an alarm was raised and the gates were closed.

    The officer then ran into the sentry office and allegedly threw four packages over a wall.

    The suspect reportedly kicked a colleague in the chest during an attempt to detain him, but was eventually subdued and arrested.

    The TTPS says four clear plastic packages containing 400 cigarettes were retrieved, and a search of the officer’s vehicle led to the seizure of six packs of cigarettes, three wrapped parcels containing 30 cigarettes each, two Samsung cellular phones, two scales, and an assortment of chargers and headsets.