Princes Town Corporation warns of 6 foot high flood waters


    Members of the public are being urged to refrain from using Sisters Road in Harbargain.

    This warning comes from the Princes Town Regional Corporation, which issued a release at approximately 1:45pm today.

    It says the main road, together with other side streets, are impassable due to flood waters exceeding six feet in height.

    A number of homes have also been severely impacted, with some residents unable to enter or exit their premises.

    The Princes Town Regional Corporation’s Disaster Management Unit is currently monitoring the situation, and will be deployed for assessments as soon as conditions allow.

    The Corporation says reports of residential flooding have also been received for:

    • Williamsville – Kent Street
    • Scale Road
    • Eccles Road
    • Hardbargain – Sister’s Road
    • Princes Town-Garth Road
    • Moruga – L’anse Mitan