Police track down operators of drone near prison


    Two persons in the Arouca area who were flying a drone near to the Golden Grove Prison on Thursday night were located by police and warned about their actions.

    Officers of the TTPS’ Air Support Unit told them about potential offences and encouraged to conduct their recreational flying in authorized areas that do not involve serious security areas.

    Police are advising citizens to cease flying drones in the vicinity of airports, prison facilities and other sensitive areas.

    Drone operators are asked to avoid ‘No Fly Zones’ located in areas of Port-of-Spain, Chaguaramas, Caroni, Point Lisas, Point-a-Pierre, Point Fortin, Galeota and the vicinity of aircraft operations.

    Operators are also asked to avoid areas of obvious concern such as prison facilities and the Emperor Valley Zoo.

    The TTPS says the reckless, adapted, or intentional use of any device to endanger persons, cause damage or carry out criminal acts may constitute offences in areas of law other than those specifically catered for through aviation regulations.