Top Cop warns: police to monitor persons in home quarantine/isolation


    The TTPS will be using 85 Emergency Response Patrol vehicles and other patrols in all nine Divisions to help monitor persons in home quarantine and home isolation.

    This, after reports of COVID positive patients leaving their homes and going out to supermarkets, pharmacies, shops, gas stations, and restaurants

    There are also reports of patients entertaining family and friends at their homes, although they were advised to stay in isolation.

    The Top Cop reminds that it is an offence to break quarantine, with the penalty being a fine of $6,000 or six months in prison.

    Several have already been charged accordingly.

    Mr Griffith says officers will not be entering home.

    Instead, the patient will be required to come out with their mask, identify themselves and then go back indoors.

    Monitoring will be done using a list provided by the Health Ministry.