Police shut down 2 music trucks in Carenage


    Two music trucks accompanying walkabouts by two major political parties were shut down today, for failing to adhere to guidelines.

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith had previously warned that written applications must be submitted for motorcades during the election campaign period.

    He also reminded that these applications needed to include the proposed date of the motorcade and other relevant information such as how many persons and vehicles are expected to participate in the procession.

    According to the CoP, shortly after this truck was shut down, action was also taken against a truck from another major political party in the same vicinity.

    The Commissioner has since issued another call for candidates to “have some degree of responsibility for their trucks and motorcades.”

    He also reminded that while walkabouts or political meetings do not need police permission, these activities must still be brought to the attention of the TTPS so that the required security could be put in place to ensure events are incident free.