Police rescue 69 persons ‘caged’ against their will in Arouca


    The police has cracked what has been described as modern day slavery in this country.

    It follows a rescue operation which began at 12:15am, where 65 men and 4 women, all T&T citizens, were held against their will at a church and rehabilitation centre along the Eastern Main Road in Arouca.

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says some of them were in cages and or handcuffed.

    He says some have stated they have been there for a few years.

    The Top Cop says there are reports that some of them have been tortured, calling it virtual modern-day slavery.

    Commissioner Griffith says as investigations continue, three persons have been held for questioning, one of them a Pastor.

    The captive persons are treated medically on-site as doctors, nurses and ambulances are on the scene.

    The TTPS says reports were given to senior officers months ago about possible imprisonment of persons and Commissioner Griffith is now investigating possible negligence of duties of officers.