Police recover stolen Hilux and items following Valencia robbery


    An arrest has been made and two more are expected following a robbery of a vehicle, jewellery and several other items in Valencia.

    The victim told police that, around 5:50am on January 11th, she was awaken from sleep by sounds in her bedroom and was accosted by two men, one armed with a cutlass, demanding the keys to a vault.

    She cooperated and the men took her Toyota Hilux, two Samsung TVs, three cell phones, cash and jewellery valued at an estimated $100,000.

    Police were contacted and around 7:15am they saw a vehicle matching the description of the stolen pick-up near Mt Lambert.

    The driver did not stop when signalled by police and a chase started with officers intercepting the Hilux in San Juan.

    However, the driver ran off and escaped leaving a 27-year-old man of San Juan in the passenger seat.

    He was arrested and the stolen items recovered while two other arrests are imminent.