Police investigating deadly Maraval fire


    Police are investigating the deaths of three children in a fire in Maraval this morning.

    The blaze at the house of 9A Rookery Nook broke out while five children were inside.

    Fire-fighters attempted to extinguish the fire while police, who arrived on site around 8:10am, assisted in efforts to rescue the trapped children.

    Police say the deceased are 17-year-old Ezekiel Burke, 6-year-old Faith Burke and 3-year-old Kayden Burke.

    Surviving the blaze were 15-year-old Jeniceia Burke and 13-year-old Kiseane Burke.

    Inspector Dirk John was also injured in during the rescue efforts.

    The TTPS says scene was also visited by personnel from the Fire Service Investigation Unit and personnel from T&TEC.