Police interview woman in beach video


    Police have found and interviewed the woman who posted a video showing her and relatives at the beach over the weekend.

    According to the TTPS, officers visited the woman’s home in St Augustine around 5:15pm yesterday.

    Present at the time was the woman’s 35-year-old husband.

    A search warrant was executed for electronic devices, as police investigate the report that she was allegedly at a beach for recreational purposes between September 11th and 12th, contrary to the Public Health Regulations.

    According to the TTPS, the woman was informed about the investigation, cautioned and informed of her right to consult with a legal advisor or have someone of her choice present, to which she remained silent.

    An iPhone and a laptop were seized, and the officers reportedly left after interviewing the woman.

    The woman posted the video over the weekend claiming that she and her relatives were allowed to be at the location, since it was their “private beach”.

    The TTPS has since countered with a statement there are no private and public beaches, and that all beaches and rivers are closed to the public under the current health regulations