Police Commissioner: TTPS has no evidence on down-the-islands party

    (File photo)

    There is no evidence confirming the date and time of a down-the-islands party which has been criticized on social media, according to the Police Commissioner.

    Speaking during the TTPS weekly media briefing, Mr Gary Griffith sought to clarify any concerns that the TTPS has become biased.

    He noted that while they are aware of the video, they are missing critical information to prove any breaches of public health regulations.

    Meanwhile, Mr Griffith says they keeping a keen eye on some planned parties based on flyers being shared on social media.

    Under the public health regulations, section 2(a) persons cannot publicly gather in numbers over five while under section 3(1a), it is an offence to host any public parties or fetes.

    This version of the regulations came into effect on August 18th and run until September 12th 2020.