Police Commissioner: There are laws against misuse of fireworks


    While the use of fireworks is not an illegal activity, there are laws in place to restrict the unauthorized sale and misuse of fireworks.

    The Police Commissioner says recent unfortunate events have highlighted the fact that the citizens need to be reminded of the need to responsibly use fireworks and other similar devices.

    Persons are being reminded of the law which states “any person who throws, casts, sets fire to, or lets off any fireworks within any town is liable to a fine of $1,000”.

    Also, a $2,000 fine is in place for persons other than a wholesale or retail dealer who sells fireworks.

    Additionally, the Environmental Management Authority has also urged the public to be mindful of the detrimental effects that noise from fireworks can have on sensitive groups such as newborn babies, the elderly, the infirm and animals.