Police Commissioner outlines challenges in addressing domestic violence

    (Photo credit: Getty Images)

    The Police Commissioner believes the TTPS is doing the best it can to address domestic violence but says it faces several limitations.

    The issue continues to be a topic of debate in the public, particularly following the killing of 25-year-old Penal resident, Reshma Kanchan.

    Mr Gary Griffith, at the TTPS weekly media briefing, notes that several challenges continue to get in the way of dealing with the offence.

    Mr Griffith is urging persons to ensure they get a receipt when making a report and to demand that the report is given to the Gender-Based Violence Unit.

    He says police want to help but need the information in order to act.

    Earlier today, the Catholic Commission for Social Justice also called for persons who are aware of abuse to speak up.

    It believes too often, persons who suspect abuse or know of it, do nothing.