PMO: T&T’s 7 day rolling average is currently 414


    As of today, T&T’s seven day rolling average for COVID-19 infections is at 414.

    Additionally, Principal Medical Officer Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards continues to warn of a strained parallel health care system.

    She says the admission rate is currently 18 per 100, while the discharge rate is 7 per 100.

    As such, hospital occupancy continues to rise.

    Dr Abdool-Richards says every national deserves a good quality of care, but warns that if the trends continue, this will not happen.

    She adds that while the health system’s resilience is being tested right now, it has not collapsed.

    Also speaking was Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram, who says while the recently donated field hospitals from the US have ICU and HDU capacity, local resources still need to be added.

    He says ICU and HDU capacity is also being added elsewhere.

    Dr Parasram adds that while 40 cases of the P1 variant have been confirmed in TT, none have been attributed or related to any of the deaths.