PM warns of imminent threat to the parallel health system


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    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has called on citizens to remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19, in a 45 minute address that saw no additional restrictions or rollbacks on restrictions.

    Dr Rowley extensively recounted the battle against the virus thus far, and said an effort will be made to preserve key economic activities and avoid devastating restrictions.

    He warned however that if the numbers remain high, the parallel healthcare system will become overwhelmed in days.

    Also, while no restrictions will be rolled back, he chose to take a ‘wait and see approach’ on the reopening of beaches and rivers.

    Regarding Carnival 2022, Dr Rowley says there will be no street parade, but adds that there may be room for certain ‘safe zone events’.

    As for the upcoming Christmas period, he urged vigilance, saying persons should not let it be the event that “pushed us over the edge”.

    Meanwhile during the course of his address, Dr. Rowley outlined measures taken by some  countries in the region and around the world, including vaccine mandates, restrictions and other measures such as vaccine passes.

    He then followed up with this statement: