PM: Opposition’s behaviour “disgraceful”; today “did not help”


    The circumstances of the people of T&T were not helped by today’s sitting of Parliament for the now defeated motion to remove the President.

    This is the belief of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who called the Opposition’s behaviour during the sitting “disgraceful.”

    The Electoral College met this afternoon after the motion was laid and there were 24 votes ‘for’, 47 ‘against’ and no abstentions, meaning the required 2/3 majority was not met.

    This means there will not be the establishment of a tribunal to investigate the remove of President Paula-Mae Weekes.

    In a media conference after the electoral college met, the Prime Minister took to task the UNC’s complaints about a lack of debate.

    Dr Rowley also defended the behaviour of the Speaker of the House.

    Dr Rowley reiterated that he was not involved in the President’s relationship with the Police Service Commission.