PM on COVID UK variant case: Greater onus on us to follow protocols

    (File photo via Dr Keith Rowley on Facebook)

    The confirmation of T&T’s first case of the UK variant of COVID-19 puts a “greater onus” on citizens to follow health protocols, according to the Prime Minister.

    Speaking to reporters following the A.P.T James’ maiden voyage to Tobago today, Dr Keith Rowley said it should be regarded as a reminder that the pandemic is a difficult situation that is not getting better.

    He noted that the virus, according to research, is transmitted more easily that other variants.

    Dr Rowley also took aim at persons who are flouting the COVID-19 regulations saying, “If you were skylarking with the mask, if you were skylarking with social distancing, if you were skylarking because you have to party, just understand that it is easier now to be infected.”