PM meets with BP officials


    BP has provided an update to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley on its plans for future gas production, including the sanctioning of new projects.

    This came during a meeting held today at the energy company’s global headquarters in London.

    Among those present for the talks were Dr. Rowley, Energy Minister Stuart Young, BP’s Chief Executive Officer Bernard Looney and other company officials.

    According to the Office of the Prime Minister, the discussions also touched on the progress of the Atlantic LNG restructuring negotiations, which is expected to be finalized soon.

    Additionally, it says the Prime Minister used the opportunity to reinforce with BP that future fabrication of platforms and other infrastructure should be done in T&T.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Looney reiterated that T&T remains an important asset in BP’s global operations and assured that the BP team would continue working assiduously with the Government to deliver a number of mutually beneficial initiatives.

    The Prime Minister is due to travel to The Hague, Netherlands to meet with executives from Shell on Friday morning.