PM makes adjustments to Health Regulations


    Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley held a media conference on Saturday afternoon as made the following adjustments to the Health Regulations:

    • Gatherings remain at a maximum of 10 persons.

    • All Places of Worship can be opened up for services for an hour maximum, with 50 per cent capacity and health protocols enforced.

    • The full Public Service will return to work from Monday, with the health protocols to be observed.

    Gyms can reopen with 50 per cent capacity, and the PM advised an appointment system be put into place.

    • Post-secondary and Tertiary Educational institutions can reopen to accommodate classes that cannot be done online, e.g. Labs, Flight Schools, etc.

    Casinos, cinemas, theatres, and members clubs can reopen with a maximum 50 per cent capacity. However no eating or drinking will be allowed at these institutions, as persons must be wearing masks.

    No changes are being made to open up further or reintroduce in-house dining at restaurants and bars at this time, and for at least the next two weeks.

    Beaches & coast waters around T&T will reopen on Monday from 6am to 6pm. However the PM warned persons not to run out to the popular beaches to create crowds.

    Rivers and Ponds remains closed to the public.

    A committee is expected to provide a report in a week’s time to recommend how T&T can remove the exemption system to allow citizens to return home, pending available flights. The PM says it will be easier to monitor persons who are coming in and determine what type of quarantine will be required.

    Borders remain closed at this time, however by Nov 2nd, the PM is expected to make announcements on a cautious border reopening, that could allow persons to travel to and from T&T from Caribbean countries including Guyana, Grenada, Barbados, etc.