PM: Anyone who mistreats A.P.T. James ferry is “an enemy of this nation”

    The A.P.T. James on its arrival in this country on January 8th 2021 (Photo credit: THA)

    Anyone who mistreats the A.P.T. James ferry is an enemy of this nation according to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

    Today, the ferry made its maiden voyage from Trinidad to Tobago and, according to a Works Ministry tweet, it took approximately three hours.

    Speaking following the trip, Dr Rowley there have been instances in the past of new facilities being treated badly.

    Dr Rowley is urging users of the new ferry to do all they can to ensure the vessel lasts as long as it can in T&T waters.

    The other vessel bought by T&T to service the inter-island route, The Buccoo Reef, left from Tasmania this morning to come to T&T.

    It will make two stops on its 9266-nautical mile journey from the shipyard to T&T – one at French Polynesia and one at the Panama Canal.