PM announces State of Emergency as parallel health system nears capacity


    The State of Emergency announced by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will remain in place until it expires or as stated otherwise.

    Clarification of this came from Dr Rowley today, following his announcement of the measure during a media briefing this afternoon.

    The SoE will come into effect at midnight tonight, and includes a curfew from 9pm to 5am.

    Dr Rowley says it is meant to reduce the movement of people “down to the barebones”.

    Regarding its duration, he says a decision will be made, depending on the COVID-19 situation.

    Even as he announced the SoE however, he urged persons not to rush to groceries and gas stations, as he says essential services will continue to operate.

    The move meanwhile follows the dire news from Principal Medical Officer Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards, that the parallel health system was under pressure.

    According to her, if persons require care at this point, they may not receive the best care possible.

    Dr Rowley meanwhile insisted that adding physical hospital beds is not an issue.

    The concern, he says, is having staff to man those beds, and resources to accompany them.