PM announces changes to COVID regulations

    (Image via CDC)

    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has announced several changes to COVID-19 regulations.

    They are:

    • In-house dining will be allowed at restaurants at 50% capacity with seating in groups of no more than 10 persons. No alcohol will be served.
    • Food will be allowed in cinemas but masks should only be removed to eat and then put back on. Capacity also remains at 50%.
    • All sporting teams engaged in national/international competition can now go back to full activity. If there are to be persons other than members of the team (eg parents, support staff), they should be in groups of no more than 10. The PM says figures continue to go well, more can be done for casual sporting activities.
    • Caribbean Airlines has been asked to add more flights between Trinidad and Tobago based on demand. However, all COVID-19 measures (masks, distancing) remain in place.
    • Places of worship are now allowed 90 minutes to conduct services.

    Meanwhile, the Health Minister says T&T is down to an average of about 20 cases of the virus per day.

    However, officials warn that the country could begin to see the effect of changes made two weeks ago.