Piparo Mud Volcano – MP issues statement

    (Image via TT Weather Centre)


    Princes Town MP Barry Padarath has issued this statement.

    “As the MP for Princes Town where the Piparo Mud Volcano is located I can confirm that the Volcano DIDNOT erupt and noone is being evacuated up to 11:35pm tonight.

    Residents have complained about cracks appearing in the road, a high sulphur scent in the air and one property has been damaged.

    The relevant authorities have been engaged to conduct test and provide assistance to the residents.

    More information will be forthcoming.”




    The Piparo Mud Volcano has reportedly erupted.

    According to a Facebook post by the Piparo Village Council, persons are evacuating the area after stress cracks appeared throughout Pancho Trace.

    103FM News has spoken with Chairman for the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation Henry Awong, who is on his way to the area now.

    More on this as it becomes available.