Phillip Alexander starts petition calling for fresh elections


    Phillip Alexander has started a petition calling for a nullification of the August 10th election and the holding of fresh elections.

    In a release, Mr Alexander, who recently stepped down as Political Leader of the PEP, cited a number of reasons for his call.

    As of 4:45PM today, his petition on had over 6,300 signatures.

    The reasons for his call are:

    • Too many of our citizens were left out or frustrated out of the system, leading to the lowest voter turnout in our history.
    • The inconsistencies, missteps and failures of the EBC in the execution of these elections are far too numerous to ignore, especially when one considers that the EBC is led by a Chief Election Officer who is a relative of at least two senior members of the PNM and that not one of the EBC mistakes affected or undermined the PNM or their chances.
    • We call on the EBC to explain why parties were able to spend tens of millions on campaigning in direct violation of the law that caps the spend to no more than fifty thousand dollars on the entire campaign per constituency.
    • We also call on the FIU to explain their silence as to the source of those dirty funds that corrupted the election.

    Mr Alexander says the new poll should be called with sufficient lead time to give all parties the same advantages, to provide adequate opportunity to repatriate all citizens trapped outside so that they can exercise their right to vote, and to allow for international observers to attend and safeguard the process.

    He also called for the establishment of a national elections committee to review all of the issues raised and any others that might impact on the proper execution of the next election, to set a date for a new election, and to ensure that measures are put in place to ensure that it is conducted in a free and fair manner.