Petition launched for proper water supply in South


    A petition has been launched by Opposition MP Dave Tancoo, demanding that the government take urgent action to deal with water supply issues in South Trinidad.

    He says constituents of Oropouche West demands action, and it follows years of failed promises to provide a regular, reliable supply of water.

    According to the MP, numerous constituents struggle with dry taps for weeks or even months at a time.

    “This is an issue that affects every member of our community, and it is unacceptable that so many residents are being denied access to clean water,” said the MP for Oropouche West. “We must demand that the government take action to address this crisis and ensure that our community has access to this basic necessity.” Due to the water woes, struggling people and families are now under a heavy financial burden as they must now find additional funds to cover their own water needs. Homeowners claimed that WASA even publishes an erratic water schedule that prevents residents from carrying out their regular cleaning tasks.