PCA recommends disciplinary action against ACP Hackshaw


    The Police Complaints Authority has referred Assistant Police Commissioner Irwin Hackshaw to the Top Cop for disciplinary proceedings.

    And it is urging Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to act soon, as Mr Hackshaw is due to begin official retirement on November 9th, after which the TTPS will not have the authority to conduct disciplinary hearings.

    The PCA says on March 9th it launched an investigation into allegations of unusual financial transactions involving Mr Hackshaw.

    It says the actions are subject to an investigation into criminal offences, that is nearing completion, as well as serious police misconduct.

    The probe into serious police misconduct was completed on August 6th, and the evidence gathered has now been sent to Commissioner Griffith, along with a recommendation for disciplinary proceedings.

    Regarding the investigation itself, the PCA says several witnesses were interviewed and documentary evidence considered.

    Mr Hackshaw was also given the opportunity to respond by way of a written statement or interview, but allegedly refused to accept the letter informing him of this.

    A release from the PCA states:

    “The evidence gathered supports the allegation that Mr. Hackshaw accepted paid employment, or, undertook private work without approval, in breach of Regulation 133(b) and in contravention of Regulations 150(1); (2)(a); (c) and (d)(i) of the PSR.”

    PCA Director David West also called for swift action, given the officer involved:

    “Given the importance of strengthening community trust and confidence in law enforcement, the PCA calls for immediate action by the TTPS in this matter which concerns one of its senior officers.”