Parts of San Juan/Laventille without water, WASA conducting repairs

    (Photo credit: 103.1FM/Rai Ricomas)

    The water supply to residents of parts San Juan and Laventille is expected to return overnight, after WASA completes pipeline repairs.

    This disruption is due to a defective valve along the transmission system from the Valsayn B Booster Station.

    Affected areas include: Saddle Road, Bagatelle Road, Laventille Road, Lower Bagatelle Road, Mission Road, Prizgar Lands, Success Village, Sunshine Avenue, Thomasine Street, Trou Macaque Road, Malick and environs.

    WASA says emergency repairs are expected to be completed by 10pm but it may take up to 12 hours for the water supply to normalize to some areas.