Paria – T&T’s fuel supply extremely secure


    Paria Fuel Trading insists this country’s fuel supply is extremely secure.

    The company issued a release today to “set the record straight” after reports that it was in a delicate position.

    Paria says it has an excellent working relationship with its international fuel suppliers, having moved from “pre-pay for cargo” to “favourable credit terms”.

    This arrangement it adds, means that Paria is viewed as a reliable creditworthy customer that has consistently made timely payments and delivered robust financial statements.

    The company says it has also successfully developed strategies to address any issue that may arise with respect to the acquisition of foreign exchange.

    Regarding its relationship with its customers, Paria says it offers credit terms that are much more favourable than those it gets from international suppliers.

    The company also insists that it remains well-resourced to provide the country and customers in the region with a safe and reliable supply of fuel.