Paria Fuel Trading stops supplying fuel to UNIPET


    From today, Paria Fuel Trading Company will stop providing UNIPET with fuel.

    Despite this, the state company is assuring the public that this decision will not affect the fuel available to motorists.

    It says it will give NP the difference in quantity of fuel required to meet the country’s needs.

    Paria says its decision to cut UNIPET’s fuel supply is a consequence of the parties failing to renegotiate a Supply Agreement since April 2019 as well as UNIPET defaulting on payments owed for September and October 2019 deliveries.

    Paria states it has had challenges receiving payment from UNIPET in accordance with the agreed payment schedule, which can affect its ability to procure fuel from its suppliers.

    Despite the latest move, Paria states that it is willing to continue discussions with UNIPET to achieve a solution that is both safe and in the best interest of both companies and which minimizes any disruption of supply to the local market.