Paray: Hire more Customs and Excise officers


    With a surge in the importation of computers expected now, due to the removal of taxes on such devices, a call is being made by Opposition MP Rushton Paray for more Customs and Excise officers to be hired.

    He believes that department is “woefully under-staffed” which has led to “major bottlenecks in the delivery of imported items”.

    Mr. Paray claims that the most recent mass-employment of Customs and Excise officers was done in 2014, when 76 were hired.

    Now, in 2020, he alleges that the Department “is currently at its most depleted level in modern history”.

    On Friday, Finance Minister Colm Imbert announced that Government has axed all taxes on laptop computers, notebook computers and tablets, following calls for these devices to be more affordable for parents to purchase for their children’s school use.

    Mr. Paray says failure to hire more Customs and Excise officers now “would lead to increased logjams, and would render his waiver on taxes and duties to be meaningless and typical grandstanding from the PNM regime.”