Pap smear campaign detects early cancer in 9 women


    A pap smear campaign by the North Central Regional Health Authority on June 9th was a lifesaver for nine women, who were diagnosed with cancer, but at an early stage.

    Their tests showed early signs of cancer, where it can be effectively treated and cured.

    The patients are currently being treated, and the Ministry of Health says according to repots, the cases have all been marked as treatable.

    The patients have also expressed relief that the screening was able to catch this silent disease long before it impacted more significantly on their lives.

    During that campaign, more than 375 women were screened by medical professionals, and another round is being scheduled for September 29th at the Mount Hope Women’s Centre.

    Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says statistics show that more of younger women are being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

    NCRHA CEO Davlin Thomas says normal cervical cancer screenings are available on weekdays at the Women’s Centre.