Pakistan asks UN to remove Priyanka Chopra as a Goodwill Ambassador

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Pakistan has lodged an official complaint with the United Nations, demanding the removal of Priyanka Chopra as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Al Jazeera says Pakistan’s human rights minister Shireen Mazari has sent a letter to UNICEF chief Henrietta Fore, accusing the actress of publicly endorsing the position of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government in Indian-administered Kashmir.

The letter adds that “Unless she is removed immediately, the very idea of a UN goodwill ambassador for peace becomes a mockery globally”.

It comes after a tweet posted by the actress earlier this year, which also spawned an incident at BeautyCon 2019.

On February 26th, PC tweeted strong support for India’s Army at a time when it was teetering on the brink of war with Pakistan, following the Indian bombing of a Pakistani village.

At BeautyCon, held earlier this month, this incident then unfolded:

The actress has been criticized for the tweet, as well as her handling of the question from Ayesha Malik.