OWTU asks government to meet Patriotic again on refinery issues


    Patriotic Energies wants government make good on a proposal to remove the lien on the Guaracara refinery and have another meeting.

    According to OWTU President Ancel Roget at a media conference this afternoon, this is the central issue regarding the bid which was rejected.

    Lien is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as an official order that allows someone to keep the property of someone who owes them money until the debt has been paid.

    Mr Roget said government did not follow through on its promise and instead Patriotic needed to pay US$500m to remove the lien.

    Mr Roget also responded to government’s claim that RBC could not give any guarantees that it could provide the money.

    Mr Roget says the union has already told the Minister via a letter that it has support from financial services company, Credit Suisse and asked for another meeting to iron out any issues.


    Meanwhile, government is being told by another union to immediately rescind its decision to reject Patriotic Energies’ bid for the Guaracara refinery.

    The All Trinidad General Workers Union, through President Nirvan Maharaj, says the decision was shocking as he believes the OWTU did all it can to give manifestation to the slogan “let those who labour hold the reins of power.”

    He says it was thought that government would allow workers the pride and honour in knowing that the assets were owned by “the people.”