Over 100 detained at St James nightclub including foreigners and children “well-known families”


    Over 100 persons were detained as police raided The Residence Nightclub at One Woodbrook Place, St James on Sunday night.

    A release from the TTPS says among the detainees are several foreigners and children of well-known families.

    Charges will be laid on the patrons, manager and employees under the Public Health Ordinance Regulations.
    • Section 4 (1) (d): it is an offence to hold a public party or public fete
    • Section 3 (1) (a): it is an offence for someone to be found at a public place where the number of persons gathered, at any time, exceeds ten
    • Section 4 (4) (d): it is an offence for a restaurant, bar, or establishment, to sell or provide alcohol to its in-service customers

    Three Venezuelan women, in T&T illegally, were also held and will be handed over to immigration.

    Police say officers attempted a raid at the same location on Friday night but patrons allegedly escaped through a backdoor.

    An investigation is looking in to whether a Police Inspector was derelict in her duties when she responded on that night.