Opposition MP wants update on taskforce


    Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath, is calling on Minister Ayanna Webster-Roy to say if she has received a work plan from the taskforce established six weeks ago in response to the Judith Jones report.

    Justice Jones examined reports of abuse at Children’s Homes in T&T and issued a number of recommendations in 2021.

    Mr Padarath pointed out that on April 29th the Minister said the taskforce would have a six-week window to produce a work plan on how to give effect to the recommendations.

    He adds however that nothing has been forthcoming.

    He believes several recommendations are low hanging fruit, and referred specifically to the establishment of a commissioner’s office for children affairs, the proclamation of legislation dealing with a licensing regime for community residences and children’s homes, and the establishment of a National Commission on Children.

    Mr Padarath has since accused the Government of dragging its feet on the matter, and called on the Minister to also indicate whether a separate task force will be established to actually give effect to the work plan.