Opposition MP tells Works Ministry: Provide new roads for the New Year

    These roads in Tableland have forced PTSC to discontinue certain bus services

    New roads in the New Year – that’s what Opposition Chief Whip David Lee wants from the Works Ministry.

    He comments come following the discontinuation of the San Fernando to Mayaro and Guayaguayare bus service by PTSC over the road conditions in Robert Village, Tableland.

    Mr Lee believes this is unfortunate and it comes due to the failure of the ministry to provide properly maintained roads.

    He claims it is not an isolated issue and says there is nationwide dilapidation and abandonment dozens of key roads.

    The Pointe a Pierre MP says just two months ago over 2.9 billion dollars was allocated for the Works Ministry and is urging it to “shape up for the new year and provide better roads” next year.