OPM’s Gender and Child Affairs Unit warns against misuse of photos/videos of children


    The Gender and Child Affairs Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office is appealing to citizens to respect the rights, dignity and safety of children, especially as it pertains to social media.

    According to the Unit, two recent instances have occurred on social media platforms which violate children’s privacy:

    1. the circulation of imagery of children living at the St. Jude’s School for Girls’
    2. a viral Facebook post made by a radio personality which endorsed a misleading statement that involved the disrespect of the public office of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

    The Unit believes this is part of an emerging trend of posting videos and images of children on media platforms and warns that the misuse of much material can put them at a greater risk of harm and may endanger their lives.

    It also joined the Children’s Authority in condemning the circulation and exploitation of children through the use of images on social media without parental consent.