PM apologizes for controversial statement on Facebook


    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has apologized for a recent post to the Facebook page for the Office of the Prime Minister.

    The short statement also ventured an explanation, and follows criticism from a number of persons on social media.

    The initial post has since been deleted.


    The Facebook page for the Office of the Prime Minister has posted a controversial statement regarding the recent drowning of several Venezuelans.

    According to a report by the US-based ABC News, 11 bodies were found Saturday at sea and other bodies were discovered Sunday on nearby beaches in Venezuela.

    The OPM’s post accused “agents of the OAS, our Opposition and other Trinidadian and Venezuelan imps” of “pushing a narrative that these illegals and their criminal traffickers reached Trinidad but our Authorities here turned them back and that is why they drowned in waters off the coast of Venezuela at Guiria”.

    Some persons have since questioned and criticized the post on social media.

    Below is the statement in question.