Officers granted bail over charges of corruptly obtaining $5K

    Inspector David Subero and PC Marlon Scipio

    Two police officers have been granted bail charged with allegedly obtaining money from a restaurant owner in a corrupt manner.

    48-year-old Inspector David Subero and 41-year-old PC Marlon Scipio were each granted $200,000 bail with a surety by a Justice of the Peace.

    It is alleged that in May this year, a couple was at their restaurant in Fyzabad when two officers entered and asked about a passport and the license to operate roulette and wall machines on the premises.

    Instead of shutting down the establishment, the policemen reportedly accepted the $5,000 in the machines at the time.

    They also allowed the restaurant to continue operating on the condition that they receive half of the weekly earnings of the business.

    Following investigations, Inspector Subero and PC Scipio were charged with one count of misbehavior in public office and two counts of corruptly obtaining $5,000.